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The first 3 months after the birth of a baby, or, the 4th trimester is full of new experiences: sleepless nights, hormonal changes, and a whole new family structure. This unique time in a family’s life can trigger mental health symptoms that previously did not exist, or had been effectively managed pre-baby. In fact, as many as 1 in 7 women experience postpartum mental health diagnosis within the first year after baby is born. It is the goal of the Perinatal Mental Health Wellness Center (PMWC) to support new moms and their partners in navigating life's ups and downs after having a baby, and specifically, providing the appropriate clinical care for new parents who may be experiencing postpartum mood and anxiety disorders (PMADS). That includes Dads, too!

The care provided by the PMWC is research informed, accessing the most up-to-date information and methods of treatment for our clients at any point of entry to the Center. Our groups are curriculum based, and our individual sessions are tailored to the needs of each client. Our therapists are passionate about caring for women and their families during the 4th trimester and beyond.

Paramount to any treatment provided at CBI is to help patients unlock their own potential and thrive in the life that they are living. This is the primary goal of The Center for Perinatal Mental Wellness–guiding new parents to a life of thriving as they navigate the joys and challenges of a new family member, the emotional ups and downs that can be created by new life experiences, hormones, and the bewilderment of contradicting Internet advice on the internet. Additionally, equipping new parents with psychoeducation about symptoms of mental health disorders unique to the peripartum period (for both new moms and dads), and providing basic mental health first aid training will be secondary objectives for any participants in Perinatal Mental Wellness Center.


Center Leads

  • Licensed Professional Counselor
    ['Anxiety / Depression', 'Trauma / PTSD', 'Family', 'Addiction', 'Drug/Alcohol', 'DBT', 'Autism Spectrum Disorder', 'Chronic Pain']
    ['Cranberry Township']
  • Licensed Social Worker
    ['Anxiety / Depression', 'Trauma / PTSD', 'Post-Partum/Fertility', 'Domestic Violence', 'Faith-Based']