We Offer Borderline Personality Disorder Counseling in Cranberry, Twp, Monroeville and Mt. Lebanon

Personality disorders are patterns of thinking and behaving that are deeply ingrained in an individual’s daily functioning. These patterns are often inflexible and heavily impact a person’s relationships. One such pattern of behavior is known as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). BPD often co-occurs with certain mood disorders, like depression or general anxiety disorder, but is different because it impairs relationships and the ability to control and manage emotions and other feelings. Some symptoms include an irrational fear of abandonment in intimate relationships, increased risk of suicidal behaviors or self-harm, hypersensitivity, hostility, and impulsivity. People with BPD tend to view relationships with a skewed lens of mistrust, which leads to unstable friendships and relationships and can include either over-involvement or withdrawal from the friend or partner. Approximately 18 million Americans are diagnosed with BPD. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) has a lifetime prevalence of approximately 6%. Women are more likely to have BPD, and it is highly heritable.

BPD was only officially recognized as a mental disorder in the 1980s; thus, it is decades behind in research and public psychoeducation. Many persons with BPD are on several medications to manage depressive symptoms and anxiety. However, due to the encompassing nature of the patterns of behaviors typically present with personality disorders such as BPD, talk therapy has been identified as another method of managing symptoms and changing behaviors. This can make a great impact on how a person managing BPD can lead a healthy and productive life. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based method that challenges negative cognitions and distortions a person may have about themselves, others, or the world around them.  CBT focuses on helping a person rewire how they think and modify core beliefs and inaccurate views that drive the characteristics of BPD. With such treatment, people with BPD learn to engage in healthier behaviors and improve their relationships with others.

If you or someone you know may be exhibiting patterns of behavior consistent with BPD, we encourage you to contact Cognitive Behavior Institute for further evaluation. At Cognitive Behavior Institute , located in Cranberry Township as well as satellite locations in Monroeville and Mount Lebanon, we have  dozens of clinicians trained in CBT and other evidence-based interventions to effectively treat BPD  . To learn more about us, our method, and our staff, you can visit papsychotherapy.org or give us a call at 724-609-5002.

Originally posted on papsychotherapy.org January 2018