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Compassionate, Specialized ED Therapy in Pittsburgh

The Center for Eating Disorder and Body Image Recovery

The Center for Eating Disorder and Body Image Recovery of Cognitive Behavior Institute is a comprehensive outpatient center for the continued treatment of eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image concerns in persons of all ages, genders, abilities, ethnicities, and other identities. This Center operates with the knowledge that current services for our clients in the outpatient setting is limited and skewed to private higher levels of care. We seek to create a soft landing place for clients returning from those higher levels of care, or seeking guidance for the first time. 

Our Center recognizes the systemic needs of our clients and in addition to individual counseling, we provide family counseling, group support, and support interdisciplinary care. Following individual counseling, we emphasize the development of healthy coping skills as part of our comprehensive treatment approach, focusing on promoting physical health, decreasing obsessive thinking, and increasing body image and self-acceptance. We are firmly committed to the principles of Health At Every Size and the understanding of eating disorders within the systems of gender and race.

We at the Cognitive Behavior Institute value research-informed, compassionate, and purpose-driven care, ensuring each treatment plan is personalized and based on evidence-based practices. Our variety of treatment options includes individual therapy, family involvement, and evidence-based approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy, catering to the unique needs of each patient.

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Services For Patients:

  • Individual Therapy for eating disorders, disordered eating, body image disturbance, and co-occurring disorders in children, teens, and adults.  Including but not limited to the treatment of Binge eating disorder, Bulimia nervosa, Anorexia nervosa, Other specified eating disorders, Avoidant and Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), and other eating disorders such as Night Eating Syndrome, Laxative Abuse, Body Image Distortion, and Body Dysmorphia. Our comprehensive approach also addresses co-existing behavioral health issues like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, and Dissociative Identity Disorders.
  • Body Image Group: An 8 week closed therapeutic group for women/femme identifying persons 18 or over seeking to improve their body image. 
  • More groups coming soon.

Services For Families:

  • Family Therapy: For persons engaged in eating disorder treatment. 
  • Parent/Spouse Supportive Therapy: Therapy for parent(s) or spouses of eating disorder patients seeking to work on their own emotion coaching skills and psychoeducation about eating disorders.

For Professionals

Continuing Education opportunities through the Center for Education

Clinician Coffee Hour

with Casey Harvey, LCSW


You're invited! CBI Clinician Casey Harvey, LCSW is inviting all clinicians that treat eating disorder patients to an informal virtual coffee hour to meet up for advice and support, as well as talk about recent research, treatments, and ED world developments.

First Thursday of Every Month; 9am-10am EST

Open to any discipline of the clinician (dietician, therapist, psychiatrist, guidance counselors, etc) that treats eating disorder patients. Participation is FREE!

Email here to register:

CBI Providers

Casey Harvey headshot

Casey Harvey, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Casey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a co-leader of the Center for Eating Disorder and Body Image Recovery.  She provides individual treatment for children, teens, and adults, as well as family and spouse support.  Casey also provides group therapy and hosts interdisciplinary supportive meetings for eating disorder specialized health care providers,

Casey is passionate about the treatment of co-occurring eating and substance use disorders, and the identification and treatment of eating disorders in men.  Casey is currently in supervision to become a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist.