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Effective, Affordable Online Therapy & Counseling

Online Mental Health Counseling 

CBI utilizes telehealth or virtual therapy as one of several options for meeting with a mental health professional. Telehealth provides great benefits when considering that physical accessibility, distance, or time constraints may exist. CBI offers most services through this option, such as all therapies, psychiatry, and many educational opportunities. Telehealth could be the gateway to improved mental health for you.



Some benefits of Telehealth include:

  • Convenience, such as no traffic and access to counseling during inclement weather
  • Flexibility with scheduling and no rushing to appointments
  • Expert resources right at your fingertips
  • Greater privacy with encrypted and HIPAA compliant secure video conferencing technology
  • No chance waiting room encounters with someone you know
  • Affordable care that is covered under many commercial insurance plans or available with an out-of-pocket sliding scale
  • No fuel costs or wear and tear on your vehicle

What should I know about telehealth?

  • Greater patience is needed when communicating with the counselor due to possible delays in the video connection or glitches with technology.
  • Emails may be delayed, lost, or in spam/junk folder.
  • Emotional cues are more difficult to read across a video screen.
  • Some people may desire a traditional course of treatment, which CBI offers at all three locations.
  • Those who are actively suicidal/homicidal or manic/psychotic are highly recommended to meet in person at one of our locations due to the sensitive nature and high risk of these mental health conditions.
  • Those who have numerous concerns over the technology risks may refuse telehealth at any point in treatment and request in-person appointments.