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hands-on Clinical support from pittsburgh's best therapists

The Center for Clinical Supervision

The Center for Clinical Supervision aims to provide outstanding & research-informed clinical supervision to therapists across the world. Our supervisors are trained and supported to provide the most comprehensive, ethical, and adaptable supervision possible. In an increasingly virtual environment, eager and talented therapists can be left feeling under-supervised or even isolated. We are here to solve this problem so that therapists can get back to doing what they love most: counseling their clients with a sense of passion, fulfillment, and curiosity.

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As the Program Manager of the Center for Clinical Supervision, Alexander Antonucci has a direct hand in the innovation, development, and maintenance of center services. He also facilitates monthly group supervision for supervisors and oversees the counseling internship training program.


  • Internal clinical supervision and training to practicum, intern and pre-licensed therapists and psychologists
  • External virtual Individual and small group clinical supervision and consultation to licensed and pre-licensed clinicians
Please fill out this form(opens in a new tab) for interest in supervision/consultation services.

Quality therapy does not happen in a vacuum and therapists should not be expected to provide high level services on their own. Cognitive Behavior Institute’s Center for Clinical Supervision - We've got your back.

LMFT Supervision & AAMFT Mentoring

In Western PA, there are very few AAMFT-Approved Supervisors which means if you want to become a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, it is quite difficult to locate a qualified supervisor.  At CBI, we have a thriving Center for Couple and Family staffed by AAMFT-Approved Supervisors and AAMFT-Approved Candidates.  These team members offer individual and group supervision for MFT licensure.  Our AAMFT-Approved Supervisors also offer AAMFT mentoring to individuals interested in becoming AAMFT-Approved Supervisors.  If you are interested in establishing an initial consult, please contact our front office at (724) 609-5002.

(724) 609-5002

Practicum and Internship Supervision

Our team of Site Supervisors includes Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Clinical Psychologists. Our supervisors serve students across the educational spectrum and provide crucial supervised clinical experience toward the completion of their degree program. If you are interested in seeking a field placement toward the completion of your degree program, please visit our Professional Opportunities page.

Licensed Professional Counselors

Licensed Clinical Social Workers

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists

Clinical Psychologists