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Patient Portal Instructions

To join a teleheatlh appointment, start by logging into the patient portal (

At the bottom of the page, upcoming appointments are listed. You may need to scroll down to see them. 


The appointments list the date, time, duration of the appointment, provider, our phone number and the location of the appointment. To join a telehealth appointment, click “Join Meeting” on the upper right of the appointment card. 


Clicking this will open the zoom link for the appointment on your computer. Depending on your computer settings, you may need to click “allow” or “open zoom meetings” or otherwise give permission for the zoom link to be opened on your computer. 


From there, you will enter the virtual waiting room for the appointment. It may say something like “Please wait for the host to start this meeting” or “The host will let you enter the meeting shortly.” If you see this, you’re in the right place and your provider should start the appointment shortly. 

When you get a new account in Pimsy, you will get an email from with the subject line “Portal Information.” If you do not get this email, please check your spam folder.

The email will look like this. It has a link to the client portal as well as your login and password information. You will be prompted to change your password the first time you log in.


Click the link in the email to get to the patient portal, or go directly to the patient portal by going to

TIP: We strongly recommend that you bookmark this website, as all of your telehealth links, upcoming appointment information, messages from your providers and other important information go through this website.

Use the login information from the email to log in.


The portal should prompt you to change your password the first time you log in.

TIP:Make sure you remember your password. We recommend writing it down somewhere secure so that you do not forget it.

New patients will need to complete the consent prior to any appointments. Sometimes, patients will also need to complete other documents as well, such as a Release of Information so that our providers can collaborate with others regarding your care.

To complete the consent or other assigned documents, go to the patient portal ( and log in.

Once you are logged in, click “View Documents” under complete forms.


From there, you will see a list of documents to complete, including the consent. Click on the name of the document to open it, so that you can complete it.


Clicking on the document will open it in a document viewer. Read and complete the required areas of the document. Areas that you can fill in are in gray.

TIP:Some information, such as your name, may appear pre-filled in the document already. This is because some information already in the system is pulled over into forms to make them easier to complete.


Once you have finished reading and filling in the document, it is time to sign. Some documents require signatures. Some do not. The consent always requires a signature.

Scroll down to the signature area of the document, and click your cursor or mouse into the gray area where the signature will go. I’ve put a red X below where I will click because that’s where I want the signature to appear.


From there, click “Add signature” at the top of the screen.


Click and drag with your mouse to make your signature. If you are not happy with it, you can click “Clear” to start over. When you’re done, click “Add to Document” and the signature will appear in the signature box.


Once your signature is in the document, click “Save and Complete” to finish the document.


Under the name of the document, it will say “Saving” and then “Document Saved and Completed” in green to indicate that it successfully saved.


From there, you can click “Back to Documents” to return to any other documents you need to complete or click on our logo in the top left to return to the main page of the portal. Or, you can exit the tab or browser if you are done using the patient portal.

TIP: When you go to the documents area, it will show you if you completed a document by having a date in “Last Completed.” For example, in this view, I can see that I completed the consent on 7/27/2022.


New patients complete assessments prior to their first appointment to help the provider better know how to treat them. Patients also typically complete assessments during the course of their treatment to assess new issues that come up or track progress.

To complete an assessment, log into the patient portal (

After you log in, click “View Forms” under “Complete Forms”


Forms that have been assigned to you will appear in a list. Click anywhere on the row with the form to complete it. It will appear below the list of forms.


Complete the answers in the form to the best of your ability. The form auto-saves your answers as you go. Once you are done, click on the button on the bottom right of the form to save.


This will save your answers and close the form. From there, you can proceed to the next form in the list and complete it.

TIP: This version of the patient portal does not let you know what you have already completed, so please track separately what you have completed or still need to complete.

When you are done completing forms, you can click “Home” or on our logo in the top left to return to the main page of the patient portal. Or, you can exit the tab or browser if you are done using the patient portal.


Sometimes our admin team or your care providers will upload documents for you in the patient portal. To access these documents, please follow these steps.

Log in to the patient portal (

Click “View Documents” under “Complete Forms”


If a provider has uploaded a document for you, it will appear in the bottom half of the window, under “Completed Documents.” Click anywhere on the document to open it.


From here, you can view the document in the portal.


If you would like to save the document to the computer, select the download icon.


If you would like to print the document, select the print icon.


When you are done viewing, saving, and/or printing the document, you can click on our logo on the top left corner to return to the main page of the patient portal. Or, you can exit the window or tab if you are done in the patient portal.

Sometimes our admin staff or your provider will ask you to upload a document to the patient portal, such as homework or a document from another provider. To do this, you can use the following steps:

Log in to the patient portal (

Select “Upload Documents” under “Complete Forms”


From this screen, select “Select Files.” You could also drag and drop the file to upload.


A window with your computer file system will appear. Select the file you’d like to upload to the portal. Once you have the file selected, click “upload” to upload the file onto the patient portal.


When you’re done, it will say “file successfully uploaded” under the name of the document.


From there, you can click our logo in the top left corner or click “Home” to return to the main page of the portal. Or you can exit the window or tab if you are done using the patient portal.

If you are a current patient and need help with something else, please email us at or call us at 724-609-5002 and our administrative staff will be happy to help you.

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