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Katelynn Crowe earned her Masters degree in Counseling from Geneva College in 2023 with a focus on mental health counseling.  Katelynn is now fufilling her requirements towards becoming a licensed professional counselor here at CBI.  After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Penn State, she immediately stepped into the mental health field as an Assistant Residential Program manager for the female residential treatment facility, for MHY Family Services. Katelynn’s role there was implementing and discussing treatment planning for the program, providing crisis management, helping clients process trauma by creating a safe space to do so and building a strong rapport. She considers herself a life-long learner, and she is constantly enriching her therapeutic approach with interventions based in theories of mindfulness, acceptance, and positive psychotherapy. Katelynn is dedicated to creating environments of courage where her clients feel empowered to express themselves without judgment. She holds a personal philosophy that wellness can be regained with trust, peace, and acceptance.

Treatment Modalities:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)      
Art Therapy      
CBT for Insomnia      
CBT for Personality Disorders      
CBT for SAD      
CBT for Tinnitus      
Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)      
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)      
Divorce Mediation      
Emotion-Focused Therapy      
Exposure Therapy      
Faith-Based Therapy      
Grief Therapy      
Motivational Interviewing      
Play Therapy      
Social Skills training      
Solution-focused Therapy      
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy      
Gottman Couples Therapy (Trained)
Structural Family Therapy      
Bowenian Therapy      
Internal Family Systems