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Christina is a Licensed Social Worker.  She studied Social Work at Messiah University and earned her Master’s Degree of Social Work from The University of Pittsburgh. Christina has 10 years of experience working with immigrants and refugees, where she learned skills in cross-cultural communication and interfaith dialogue. She practices Cognitive Behavior Therapy and utilizes teachable skills to help clients regain control of the life they want to be living. Pulling on her experience with immigrants,  Christina is comfortable with conversations around faith and its influence in the wellbeing of individuals--no matter what their spirituality looks like.  When appropriate, she uses the strengths of a client’s faith system in the therapeutic process.   Christina specializes in group work related to intimate partner violence, healthy relationships, and parenting. She also has experience working with individuals with trauma, and those coping with anxiety, depression, and stress related challenges. Christina has extensive experience using interpretation to build therapeutic relationships with limited English speakers. She uses humor, acceptance, and language that everyone understands in her practice as she strives to create a therapeutic environment that is welcoming, safe, and empowering no matter the format--in person or virtual.


  • Messiah University
  • University of Pittsburgh


  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Domestic Violence
  • Faith-Based
  • Post-Partum/Fertility
  • Trauma / PTSD

Can also work with:

Insomnia (and other Sleep/Wake Disorders)
Anger Management
Chronic Pain
Terminal Illness