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Elliot graduated from Brown University in 2021, where he focused his undergraduate studies on philosophy and religion. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling at Duquesne University. Elliot considers the space of counseling/psychotherapy to be one of collaboration and experimentation. Above all, he is interested in helping clients engage in the difficult inner work which is so often necessary to cultivate a rich and meaningful life — and to form close connections with others. He considers his approach to psychotherapy to be integrative, involving concepts and practices from psychoanalysis, existential psychotherapy, and Eastern contemplative traditions, in addition to modern frameworks. At the core of his practice are the values of openness to experience and radical acceptance. Elliot has also trained with a number of renowned meditation teachers in the United States and believes there is value in integrating contemplative practices and principles with the practice of psychotherapy. He enjoys working with clients of all faiths and spiritual orientations (or lack thereof).

Can also work with:

Bipolar Disorder
Sex Addiction
Insomnia (and other Sleep/Wake Disorders)
Anger Management
Chronic Pain
Terminal Illness