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Megan is currently pursuing her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and fulfilling her fieldwork requirements here at CBI.  Although always interested in the field of counseling and mental health, she pursued a career in various industries and gained experience in multiple roles before deciding to complete her degree. This experience has allowed her to gain insight and awareness into the complexities of people and appreciate the nuances that make each person unique.

Megan believes counseling is a collaborative relationship where we explore personal experience so that healing can happen. Everything a client needs is already within them, just waiting to be actualized. Megan believes each client can be empowered by new awareness and working to make tiny changes in thoughts and/or behavior can have an enormous positive effect.

Megan strives to be present and offer a nonjudgmental and understanding atmosphere in each session. She aims to integrate a variety of experiences, as well as research-based therapeutic approaches, to help each individual. Megan hopes to help each client discover their own positive potential, cope more effectively, and perceive meaning and purpose in their lives.

Can also work with: