PITTSBURGH, PA –  The #metoo campaign has created a platform for people to share what many already knew: the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment is alarmingly high. With the #metoo campaign shining a spotlight on sexual assault and harassment, Cognitive Behavior Institute, an out-patient private practice located in Cranberry Twp., Mt. Lebanon, and Monroeville, PA, immediately asked, “How can we help?” After all, one of their founding principles and guiding lights is identifying unmet resources in the community.

Survivors of traumatic events deserve access to highly trained clinicians and currently there is a shortage of clinicians who are trauma and EMDRIA certified. CBI believes that increasing the number of certified clinicians will give survivors greater access to the high-quality treatment they deserve. CBI has set a goal to certify over 100 clinicians, both within and outside of CBI, in the leading methods of trauma treatment including prolonged exposure and EMDR. The cost for these types of specialized trainings can range up to $11,000 per clinician. A GoFundMe Campaign has been established to raise $1.5 million to drastically increase resources available to survivors of sexual assault. In addition to this training, funds raised will go towards Public Service Announcements to connect survivors, their families and friends to education and support about dealing with trauma, and to newly certified trauma clinicians available in their community.

Trauma is more than what has happened to a person, and it certainly isn’t who they are. Cognitive Behavior Institute hopes that through this campaign they can bring increased access to those who need it most.

For more information please visit https://www.gofundme.com/trauma-training-to-help-survivors and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8AkJeqCyqo or contact Cognitive Behavior Institute at 724-609-5002 and www.papsychotherapy.org.