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Psychological Testing Services

Our evaluations blend cognitive, neuropsychological, social-emotional, personality and behavioral assessment to provide a comprehensive evaluation of one’s individual functioning.

Purpose of Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is a specialized service that uses standardized assessment measures and procedures to gather data to inform diagnosis and treatment direction.

Psychological testing is often appropriate for the following purposes:

  • Clarify diagnosis when there is uncertainty
  • Data is needed to justify diagnosis 
  • Data is needed to guide treatment direction 
  • Diagnosis and recommendations are needed for additional services


Illustration of a clinician

Common Reasons To Persue Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is often recommended by medical, educational, and behavioral health providers. It is important to speak with your current provider to determine whether psychological testing is right for you. 

We have found those that are most appropriate for psychological testing may be experiencing any of the following:

  • Academic difficulties with specific content area weaknesses (i.e., math, reading)
  • Executive functioning difficulties (i.e., attention, memory) and the cause of these difficulties has not been identified or clear to other providers
  • Concerns with social skills or developmental delays
  • Lack of therapeutic progress in current treatment due to potential complex factors (i.e., personality characteristics, trauma)
  • Challenges with psychiatric medications (i.e., lack of response to current/past medications, confirmation of ADHD presentation)

At this time, CBI is equipped to provide psychological testing services to a wide range of individuals. However, there are some purposes we are not able to provide services for currently. These include:

  • Individuals who are seeking workman’s compensation or disability
  • Individuals who are seeking evaluation for a prescription for Medical Assistance (MA) services (IBHS, family-based therapy)
  • Individuals seeking custodial evaluation

Psychological Testing Process

Psychological testing services at CBI are a multi-tiered process that include the following:

  1. Intake: Screening measures are completed prior to appointment. Interview conducted related to concerns, history to determine appropriateness of psychological testing. Test administration is scheduled based on this appointment.
  2. Test administration: Measures and activities are completed to assess the full scope of the individual and the presenting concern(s). The testing session can range 3 to 5 hours. 
  3. Report preparation: Scoring and interpretation of data and writing of the psychological evaluation report. A full copy of the report is provider to the individual and/or family upon completion.
  4. Feedback: Meeting with provider to review the psychological evaluation report, answer questions, and coordinate continued care as appropriate.


Insurance is accepted for psychological testing services. Individual benefits are based on your plan. Prior to test administration, individuals receive a cost estimate for all psychological testing services based on their benefits. Some insurance companies require pre-authorization for testing services. Psychological testing billing is unique compared to therapy and psychiatry services. This will be discussed at the intake appointment with your provider.